Friday, July 31, 2009

mye veeshlisp

Since I don't have college loans, I'm accessing a liiiine of credit.
I asked for a Möbius strip of credit and the lady was confused, so I just
passed the idea off as too loopy. The guy in the cubicle to the right
had a heart laugh about it though. I sorta miss California.
Okay, I'm over that sentiment.

Right, so, this first one I can't afford, unless I bypass purchasing all the other things listed.
But daaaaaayumn! TehFUNK would be HADDEN!

580 EX II ambience ...

w/ ABR 800 Ringflashery!? WHAZZAHUH? A worthy proposal.

I do.
AX50, it's been too long.
35L 1.4, you classy glass, you masterpiece.
I'd honour you more, I'd call you prime,
but I figure you hear that all the time.

RODE? Nay, but a similar setup, beginning with a Glidecam
and working up to a Zacuto rig, MMMMMMMMhm.

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  1. California misses you. Especially California girls named Jocelyn.